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In the face of an unprecedented environmental crisis driven by global warming, intensive farming, and habitat destruction, achieving a sustainable future demands a delicate balance between people, planet, and profit. Maintaining this equilibrium poses a challenge in a world marked by hyper-population and aggressive business practices.

As an artist, I create works to raise awareness about the environment and facilitate a connection between art, technology, and sustainability. My primary focus is on highlighting the environmental impact of technology. The escalating production and demand for new devices contribute to the growing issue of e-waste, which often ends up in landfills, exacerbating environmental problems. While technology is a contributor to these challenges, it also holds the potential to enable solutions in areas such as renewable energy, sustainable farming, and waste minimization.

Through incorporating e-waste into my artwork, I actively contribute to removing it from the waste stream, thereby lessening its impact on the planet. My objective is to engage audiences in a meaningful conversation about our ecological and social responsibilities, aiming for a greener tomorrow.

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